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Home Towing booms ET-B-7800

The boom includes:  

  • body (hot dip galvanized)
  • first extension (galvanized)
  • second extension (galvanized)
  • rotating beam with two supports so called forks (all hot-dip galvanized)
  • pins 4 pieces (hot dip galvanized)
  • extension actuator with safety valve (painted with acrylic paint)
  • two lifting actuators with safety valve (painted with acrylic paint)
  • the set of tubes for connecting the hydraulic actuators
  • ears mounting bracket to the chassis frame (galvanized)


Optionally, there is possibility to buy additional modules that allow towing the damaged vehicle fixing it with the axle. 

The set of modules: 

  • 2 sets of mounting packets (galvanized)
  • 2 sets of the spacers (hot)
  • 2 sets of grabs of V type (galvanized)
  • 1 set of grabs for shocks (galvanic)
  • box to store all the elements (zinc)