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Home Double-level platforms

Floor plate:  

  • made of special aluminium panels; the upper part of each panel has grooves which serve as anti-skid;
  • the sides of the floor (side panels) made ​​of one-piece steel profile, finished with aluminium strips of chequer plate;
  • double-tee irons are for floor shifting;
  • rear platform part shaped so as to allow loading vehicles with low suspension;
  • 3 rollers to contact with the ground are mounted in the rear part;
  • stable direction roll placed arbitrarily in the three holes in the back of the platform;
  • 4 skid stripes are mounted in the rear part for easy moves to the upper deck
  • in front of the platform an inverted segment serves as the vessel, from which the collected liquid is discharged through ball valves;
  • the front security barrier (aluminium) is equipped with a handle made ​​of PVC maging access to the platform easier;
  • the rails to carry the winch base are in the front of the platform;
  • base of the wheel - adjustable in three levels;
  • floor clips to fix vehicles - 12 pcs;
  • in front of the platform there are rails, on which the board is lifted up
  • in the middle there are supports for actuators lifting  the deck
  • 4 skid stripes are mounted in the rear part for easy move of the upper deck;

   Upper deck: 

  • made of steel sections, the outer lanes coated with steel sheet
  • lifting and lowering is performed by two at the same time controlled actuators
  • actuators are equipped with safety valves stopping them in position in the event of hydraulic hose rupture
  • actuators have a blockade, allowing safely adjust the height of the deck in several positions
  • flow divider enables even deck lifting
  • side guides are mounted at the rear part at the sides
  • base for the wheels are for vehicle blocking - adjustable in three levels;
  • floor clips to fix vehicles - 8 pcs;

Fixed frame: 

  • made of steel profiles, permanently attached to the chassis frame
  • in front there is the lock is as protection against spontaneous lifting of the platform (floor);
  • on the right side there are aluminium chain guides for protecting hydraulic hoses

Pendulum frame: 

  •  It is made of steel profiles, the frame includes;
    •  floor shifting with teflon slides;
    •  box of PVC 600X450mm with hydraulic distributor;
    •  tool box of PVC 600x450 mm (boxes are sealed with a rubber gasket and lockable);
    •   hydraulic actuator for floor shifting is equipped with a safety valve attached to the pendulum frame in its middle part by two plugs equipped with grease;
    •  hydraulic actuators - 2 units equipped with safety valves for lifting of the pendulum frame with the floor;
    •  supports for the rear welded lamps;
    •  all the combined elements in the platform (bolts) are galvanized and equipped with grease

Hydraulic winch:

Pull max. 3500 kg, factory equipped with safety valve, having all permits and approvals and the EC declaration of conformity 

  • The winch includes:
    •  a 24-meter, certified rope with a diameter of 11mm, end with hook,
    •  the rope guide,
    •  line stacker for controlled winding rope on the drum
    • The winch base is made of steel, is equipped with a ball clip, and rubber bumpers to prevent accidental moving of vehicle transported into the cabin.

 Hydraulic system: 

  • The hydraulic system consists of:
    •  hydraulic hoses and pipes (galvanized);
    •  the oil tank with filter;
    •  the set of hydraulic fittings and screws;
    • a hydraulic distributor;
    • hydraulic oil - approximately 70 litters