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We are a company operating in the Polish automotive industry, we specialize in the reconstruction and modernization of vehicles of different brands according to customer needs. 

We perform: 

  • steel hydraulic offset platforms of the technical capacity from 2 to 20 tons
  • aluminium hydraulic offset platforms the technical capacity from 2 to 5 tons
  • city pick-up trucks of technical capacity from 1 to 5 tons
  • pick-up trucks for heavy equipment with the technical capacity to 30 tons
  • towing booms of technical capacity from 2 to 30 tons
  • fittings

EUROTECHNIK is able to perform the most difficult orders, while maintaining the high level of quality and timeliness. 

We are able to perform each car modernisation or rebuilt project in accordance with regulations, guaranteeing appropriate documents for registration and valid MOT certificate.